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Please Introduce Yourself

- I am “NAO”. My motto is “bright, fun, cheerful”.
I want to make a store that will please customers every day.
Why did you decide to become a sushi chef?

- I liked cooking, so I had a part-time job at a restaurant when I was a student.
The boss of the restaurant recommended that it would be fun to learn sushi.
How did you learn sushi (Japanese cuisine)?

- I learned basic actions, cleaning, and services at the age of 17.
I learned sushi in several stores because the customer's layer is different in each store.
What is the point that makes something worth doing of working as a sushi chef?

- The smiles of customers are my vitality.
Because I can see my sushi being enjoyed in front of me.
Making Sushi process is short, but it is deep and rewarding.
Why did you choose Sushi Oribe (Malaysia)?

- I decided to go abroad because I wanted to know more about traditional Japanese cuisine and sushi.
What is your specialty dish?

- It is my sushi.
How long have you been a sushi chef?

- For 26 years.
What's the difference between Japanese sushi restaurants and Malaysian sushi restaurants?

- The customer's respect for the chef is different from that in Japan, so I can work very enjoyable.
It is important to have flexibility. Because I cannot impose Japanese traditions and thoughts on foreigners staff.
Please tell us your future dreams and goals.

- I learned and experienced various things in Malaysia, so I would like to give back to Malaysia.
I would like to continue to have the highest popular.
Also, I would like to challenge other countries.

Chefs' Dishes

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