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Why did you decide to become a sushi chef?

- I simply loved cooking and eating since I was a kid. Then I wanted to work about a cook in the future.
How did you learn sushi (Japanese cuisine)?

- After graduate from junior high school, I start a job at Ryokan and studied Japanese cuisine.
What is the point that makes something worth doing of working as a sushi chef?

- When customers feel happy and delicious, I think it.
Why did you choose Sushi Oribe (Malaysia)?

- I felt Oribe's Sushi and Japanese cuisine are high level in Malaysia.
What is your specialty dish?

- It is Simmered Food.
How long have you been a sushi chef?

- For 25 years.
What's the difference between Japanese sushi restaurants and Malaysian sushi restaurants?

- I don't really feel the difference between Japan and Malaysia.
Please tell us your future dreams and goals.

- The dream and goal are to raise the level of cooking more than ever and to enjoy our customers.

Chefs' Dishes

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